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Additional Services


Data medium-Collectionbox

We can provide our closeable data medium – collection boxes free of charge for recurring data destruction processes for the On-Site and Bring-In-Service in your company.

The keys for the data medium – collection boxes rest secured in our business premises. As soon as the boxes are brimmed we will dispose the collection immediately or we can arrange an appointment for the On-Site-Service.




If you need additional assistance for the removal of the hard disks on site is our electronical specialised staff gladly willing to perform this service.

Hourly technician rate on site: 45,00 €



Within our on-site service - Video surveillance in the vehicle DATENKILLER by the data-destruction process

To our existing services in the mechanical on-site destruction we can offer now the maximum security for our customers in form of a video surveillance from the data-destruction process.

This maximum security, we ensure, by the new *DIN 66399 and have responded to our customers to offer a complete video surveillance from the destruction process of the data media. Our mobile vehicle is equipped with a video camera, which allows you to track the destruction in real time and you can load the movie to an SD-card. After the destruction the film can be handed with the SD-card to you.

The service fee for this service is available on request.

* In the DIN SPEC 66399-3:2012 is a criterion in the destruction of the data media with protection class 3, a video surveillance of the bulk process or the hopper / feed belt required.


Video surveillance - data security in the recycling center

Since February 2011 we have increased our safety portfolio for the data security of our customers again. In addition to our existing alarm protection system in the entire recycling-center, we installed additionally a high-tech-video-surveillance on the basis of the strict guidlines of the DIN 15713 for the data security in all relevant divisions of our recycling center. This has first of all an impact to our DATENKILLER-Bring-In-Service and the security significance software technological data destruction.



Softwaretechnical data destruction

Within our services for the purchase of used computer we can also offer the softwaretechnical data destruction for corresponding service charges. If you are interested in the purchase of your used computer in connection with this security service we would be pleased if you could send us your enquiry on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it