Data Killer - Our mobile Hard Disk-Shredder

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The burglery of data and the access onto information from old data medium like for example rejected hard disks increases more and more and it will be a threat for whole companies.

Therefore you should protect your company from this partly organised kind of crime.
You should work foresighted as you can develop a strategy and how you will handle with data medium, which you would like to protect before unrequested data access in the future.

Our mobile hard disk-shredder anticipates the information threat and all that within 10 sec. for each hard disk.


The advantage:

You can be reside and check the destruction of your sensible data.
Under the Motto: Confidence is good – Examination is better.


Especially therefore we have developed a powerful machine for you:

Technical Data - Shredder 1
Power supply voltage             400/50 Volt/Hz
Number of cutter spindle2 pcs.
Number of cutter12 pcs.
Cutter calibre300 mm
Cutter width30 mm
Cut width30 mm
Knife shape1-caught short
Drive power7,5 KW/h
EG-Declaration of conformity yes
CE-Designation yes
Speed of operation6 hard disks / minute


Technical Data - Shredder 2
Power supply voltage             400/50 Volt/Hz
Number of cutter spindle1 pcs.
Number of stator cutter1 pcs.
Number of rotor cutter10 pcs.
Rotor cutter calibre116 mm
Rotor cutter width20 mm
Knife shape2-caught, with overlap
Wave calibre35 mm
Rotation speed of cutter spindle85 min-1
Calibre of the filter15 mm
Drive-power2,2 kW

Of course it would be an advantage concerning to energy and environmental aspects, if there would be a corresponding high-voltage-current supply (32 Ampere) for the on-site-sorties.

But it is not mandatory.
We are power independent because our mobile hard disk-shredder is equipped with an adequate efficient power set, if necessary.