– the mobile hard disk shredder

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Would you like to destruct your data enduring?
We have the solution!

The burglary of „reputed“ killed data accumulates more and more. Thus it will increase to be a big threat for the concerned companies. Protect you company against this identify theft. The mobile data shredder reduces the rist of information theft 100% and that in only a few minutes.

  • The recycle it GmbH offers therefore the solution via our mobile datashredder and our service portfolio for the destruction directly in your company
  • We carry out the destruction of your digital media by means of 2-stage shredder concept
  • The destruction of data medium, which include data with normal protection requirements, will be effected with our shredder in processing stage 1. This shredder cuts the hard disks in small strips. The results are particle sizes between 300 mm² and 900 mm². The recommendation of the Federal Office for Information Security (German: BSI) is a particle size till 1,000 mm² after the destruction. We call this type of data destruction - standard-service
  • A further data shredder on the DATENKILLER is equipped with a single shaft and an additional strainer insert. This then ensures, in a second process (processing stage 2), the crushing of hard disks with a particle size of 225 square millimeters. This is necessary for hard disks with high protection requirements. The Federal Office for Information Security (German: BSI) recommends a particle size till 300 mm² after the destruction. This kind of data destruction we call premium-service - and is the safest type of data destruction
  • With our different service-packets, we remain with the data destruction from hard disks below the requirements of the BSI
  • We fulfill the strict requirements of the Technical Guideline BSI TL-03420-version 1.6
  • We meet at the same time with this process for the destruction and disposal of media and the regulations of the BSI basic protection, measure M 2167, for normal and high security requirement
  • We fulfill with this data destruction process the international requirements of DIN EN 15713 and the new DIN 66399
  • For your security: we are mulitple-certificated and the data destruction process has been additionaly audited by the LGA InterCert
  • Depending on the selected kind of destruction do you get a free certificate of destruction for the standard-service or the premium-service already on site. The serial numbers of the hard disks will be maintained via scanner before the destruction and documented onto the data destruction certificate. If further data mediums should be destructed you will additionally get the weight specification. Additionally you get a recycling certificate for the subsequent disposal of the residual material
  • In addition, we can offer the possibility of a video control from the complete data destruction process. Our mobile vehicle is equipped with a video camera, which allows you to track the destruction in real time and you can load the movie to an SD-card. After the destruction the film can be handed with the SD-card to you. The service fee for this service is available on request